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Enriching Experiences THAT CultivatE your Well-being

Challenge yourself and grow your physical wellness in our FAB Fitness centre. Featuring world class professional athlete training facilities, and a daily schedule of guided classes led by our expert trainers and fitness professionals. Form your new healthy habits and feel the surge of endorphins. Healthy body, happy mind.

Raise a sweat in a Full Body HIIT class, aqua aerobics or cardio machine workout. Sharpen your reflexes, learn self defence and build discipline in a Muay Thai boxing class. Balance mind and body while improving flexibility in an outdoor Yoga class. Discover the long term health benefits of strength training with a weights session. Monitor your goals and gains with the latest machines and fitness technology to link to your personal devices and apps.

Breathe deeply. Elevate your heart rate. Move your body.


Dive into Krabi’s first and largest Olympic-size, fifty metre long, seven lane lap pool. Perfect your strokes, pace out your laps, or practise your breath control in water up to three metres deep. Dark tiles retain heat to maintain the ideal temperature. 

A comprehensive whole body workout, swimming training in our Olympic pool can help you build up your stamina and strength.

Get outside and tone your core and arms in a Paddle-Fit class in our Olympic Pool.


Immerse yourself in five tiers of wellness inspired pools. Take a journey through our stepped pools spanning over 1000 square metres and test out our many massaging water stations. From vigorous shoulder waterfalls and deep tissue hydrotherapy jets, to soothing lower back and feet massaging jacuzzi zones. Revive your muscles and joints, and restore your balance between body and mind. Every inch of you will feel renewed and relaxed.

Surrounded by lush, tranquil gardens, and architecturally captivating buildings, our wellness pools offer some of Varana Hotel’s prime sunset viewing locations. Designed for inclusivity, our wellness pools include a child play area with aimable shooting water jets, swim up Sip Bar, in built seating, secluded corners, and plenty of access points.

Luxuriate on a sun lounger for some Vitamin D serotonin. Recline in the shade under one of our broad white umbrellas. You will find your favourite poolside spot as you sip on a chilled drink, or munch on some deliciously moreish snacks from Varana Hotel’s Sip Bar.


Find your personal slice of paradise among the clear, turquoise waters of Krabi’s Hat Nopparat Thara National Park. Spanning over 200 islands of varying sizes, the Krabi coastline is heaven on earth for divers, snorkelers and sun lovers.

Fall into bed tired and happy after a day exploring and island hopping with one of our island tours. Discover secret white sandy beaches, hidden limestone caves and coral reefs teaming with biodiverse underwater life. All right on Varana Hotel’s doorstep.

dragon crest mountain

Scale the heights of the Dragon’s back and immerse yourself in the oxygen rich forests of Khao Ngon Nak National Park. Rising out of the sea, the mythical story behind Dragon Crest mountain adds an ethereal beauty to this stunning panoramic peak. Soak up the spectacular 360 degree views of the surrounding forests and imperious limestone cliffs. Heal your body and spirit with fresh mountain air, an endorphin rush, and the intense feeling of freedom.

Challenge yourself to conquer the 565 metre high, 3-5 hour round trip. A healthy outdoor sweat session, this climb will have your muscles singing and your heart racing. Avid hikers will love the tree root climbs and rope handhold assisted ascents. Pack plenty of water and stay hydrated. Request a mountain top lunch pack to take with you from Nook as an additional reward to the sensational Dragon Crest vistas.

Spatan practices

Test your strength and endurance on our range of outdoor sports and street gym spaces. Run or walk our kilometre long jogging track which winds through our landscaped gardens and architecturally designed buildings. Feel a gratifying burn from the sloping elevation and admire the ocean and mountain views from the top of our track.

athelete hub

Ascend to great heights on our guided outdoor climbing wall. Build your back, shoulder, arm and core strength in this intense, whole body workout. Practise your handholds and climbing techniques at Varana Hotel before embarking on a day trip to Railay Peninsular, one of the ten best climbing locations in the world.

Sports event

Active wellness through competition and camaraderie. Foster your team spirit by booking your next sports event at Varana Hotel. Sports teams and organisations are welcome. Our Olympic sized swimming pool, fully equipped professional athlete training facilities and classes in our FAB fitness gym, indoor and outdoor workout challenges, and on hand massage therapists are ready and waiting to create winning memories for your next sports trip.



Experience the perfect blend of sport and wellness at VARANA, where we are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with Speedo! Together, we bring you a unique experience that combines top-notch accommodation with the world’s leading swimwear and gear brand. Dive into your fitness journey with confidence, ensuring you have access to the finest facilities and gear for an exceptional stay, thanks to our partnership with Speedo.


Suntan Soul Founded in 2017, led by individual souls Tommy and oil, offers the Apnea Total Education in Southeast Asia.

Our collaboration emphasizes hands-on learning, nature healing and relaxation of the mind to reconnect your soul and recharge your energy using water. The programs are designed for the guests to rejuvenate energy and simply go back to your breath to help relax and weave together your mind and soul.

Happy Diet

Ms Happy Diet, your dedicated health coach, champions everyday wellness. Offering a curated collection of all things good, she emphasizes positivity and well-being in every facet of life. Dive into a journey where it’s all about living the positive life


Browse the craftsmanship of local Krabi artists in our Jai sustainability shop. Featuring environmentally friendly artworks, textiles, resort wear, and decor created by Krabi artists. Each curated piece embodies the Bio-Circular-Green economic model, which strives to recycle, repurpose and reduce extraneous resource use.

Your retail therapy supports local businesses working towards environmental sustainability. Take a slice of paradise home with you to capture your memories.

Trip to local villages

Immerse yourself in local hidden gems and explore our local communities with personalised tours of nearby Krabi villages. Taste the bright, floral flavours of aromatic honey and learn the art of honeybee keeping at the Nai Nang bee collective. Discover little known local artisans and witness the traditional Thai process of hand print made fabrics using pigments and dyes derived from organic native trees.

Adventure through dense Mangrove forests at high tide, and marvel at the beauty of their bright turquoise waters. Spot crustaceans, fish, monkeys and an abundance of bird life. Learn the importance of conserving our Mangrove ecosystems’ biodiverse species, and their role in the global fight against climate change.

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