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Combining the Thai words of Vana – forest, Nava -water and Nara – people,at Varana, we believe wellness must be achieved holistically and sustainably. In nature, equilibrium comes through all parts of the whole working in harmony together. Active movement. Positive connection. Meaningful rest. The nourishment of body, mind and soul. A wellcation must revitalise the whole person in balance, for happiness and good health. 

Reimagining well-being


When we feel well, we are at our best. At Varana, we believe our ability to be present in our lives; our ability to connect with ourselves and those around us; our ability to experience joy and gratitude come from a place of wellness. When we are well, we can concentrate, succeed, achieve, and live meaningful lives. We are able to be our true, authentic selves.

Wellness looks different for everyone. Your version of well may include active movement, sports, and physical fitness. It may include a fabulous meal and biodynamic glass of wine. It may be having time to yourself, or spending time with family and close friends. It may be spending time in our forests, mountains, or oceans. Feeling the freedom that comes from being outdoors in this beautiful world.


At Varana, we believe everyone needs times of healing. Rest from the stressors and demands of daily life. Massaging of sore and tired muscles. Hydrotherapy to soothe and cleanse. Endorphins and exercise to clear the mind and bring joy. Breathing deeply. Sleeping soundly. Whatever your version of wellness, you will find it at Varana. Here you will have the power to choose your own path to wellness.

Landscape and Location

Nestled in the foothills of Dragon Crest Mountain, Varana Hotel’s beachside location gives you direct, private access to the turquoise waters and white sand beaches of Phang Nga Bay. Surrounded by sheer sided sentinels of limestone karst mountains, you will be struck by the serenity and awe inspiring beauty of these magnificent natural features. Varana Hotel’s 20-rai (32,000 square metre) estate directly overlooks Tubkaak Bay. Offering fresh sea breezes, a panoramic view of the islands in the Andaman Sea, and a vista of the breathtaking splendour of Khao Hang Nak – one of Krabi Province’s most revered sites. A setting that ensures unforgettable memories.


Set against this stunning backdrop, here at Varana Hotel, we honour Krabi’s local heritage and culture. Drawing on local healing techniques and knowledge in our gardens, kitchen and Faa Spa, while celebrating the myths and traditions of this land. Here, you are perfectly placed to enjoy all the jewels of Krabi’s natural wonders. Adventure, explore, or relax in peace and tranquillity. 


design and material


Living with purpose means living intentionally, making space for innovation. Inspired by connection to place, our hotel was designed to harmonise with the environment. Minimalist and elegant for a calming, luxurious atmosphere. Our built spaces echo and flow from the majesty of the surrounding Dragon Crest Mountain and the marvels of Phang Nga Bay. Our gardens feature the collective wisdom of the healing properties and biodiverse benefits of native Thai plants, used in our kitchens and Faa Spa. Our innovative groundwater banking system naturally cools our grounds and waters our gardens without electricity.

From the smallest aesthetic detail to the spectacular architectural splendour of our landscaped grounds, we embrace the ideals of the Bio-Circular-Green economy. At Varana, we are not satisfied with minimising harm, but seek to create positive impacts. Investing in technology and intelligent, creative minds, we use what we have. We reduce our use of resources. We seek to repurpose. We chase zero waste. We embark on ambitions of large scale conservation.

We value and protect our natural surrounds, so that we may preserve and share the beauty of the Krabi environment with you.



Our commitment to authentic sustainability.

The seed of sustainability was first planted in our sister hotel, The Tubkaak Boutique Resort. Harmony with nature has always been a key guiding principle for our family. As our knowledge and passion for sustainability grew, we asked the question: What would a truly sustainable hotel look like? We began to envision the possibilities of what could be achieved when a hotel is designed to be a model of sustainability from the moment of dreaming. The idea of Varana Hotel was born from this seed.

Varana Hotel has been intentionally planned from the ground up to be genuinely environmentally sustainable. We embrace Thailand’s Bio-Circular-Green Economy model, drastically reducing the resources we use, and actively working towards achieving zero waste. We believe that real sustainability must be authentic. It must be truthful, and come from both the heart and the mind. It cannot stop at simply minimising any harm, but in championing positive impacts. Our commitment to true sustainability is present in every moment of every day, in every detail of Varana.

The name Varana itself conveys its respect for nature. An equilibrium in the triangle of Vana (forest), Nava (water) and Nara (people).


The heart of Varana belongs to its people. We are immensely grateful for each and every one of our employees, creatives and visionaries, who make up our passionate team. Together they are bound by the momentum of their powerful positivity, which imbues every corner of Varana. Champions of our collective vision for wellness and sustainability. They carry a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, which underpins every shared Varana achievement. Stewards of the natural environment. Inspired by joyfulness. We meet their hard work and unwavering commitment to service with our utmost appreciation and respect.

Their warmth and positivity are waiting to welcome you.

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