Experience Varana Hotel’s 141 rooms across 6 buildings, featuring unique views of the sea, islands, Khao Hang Nak, swimming pools, or gardens. From the Varana Spa Suite to Luxe Mountain, our rooms blend sustainability, comfort, and luxury. Enjoy the perfect balance of breathtaking views and indulgent amenities.


Recline in calming comfort in our Luxe {King/Twin} room. Relax with space to breathe in over 38 square metres of minimalist elegance. Escape feelings of confinement with fluid aesthetics that unify indoor and outdoor seating spaces. With cooling neutral tones and earthy, natural wood accents, you will find plenty of thoughtful design touches to make your stay exquisitely memorable.


Recline in calming, spacious, comfort in our Luxe Plus {Mountain/Ocean/Pool View} room. Escape your confines, spread out and enjoy the freedom of {52/56} square metres of generous space. Release yourself from any feelings of restriction in our airy and open plan luxury. With cooling neutral tones and earthy, natural wood accents, you will find plenty of thoughtful design touches to make your stay exquisitely memorable. Bask in minimalist elegance, with fluid aesthetics unifying indoor and outdoor seating spaces.

Each of our Luxe Plus rooms comes with a plush, supportive, cushioned King sized mattress with cozy high thread count natural bedding for an unrivalled, deep night’s sleep. Floor to ceiling windows invite plenty of natural light in, while adjustable lighting, blackout curtains and wooden shutters grant you complete luminary control. Expansive, thoughtfully designed closet space gives you plenty of room to unpack. Wrap yourself in block printed, pure cotton kimono robes created by local Thai artists.


Step into the Horizon Room at Varana Hotel Krabi, a haven blending minimalist design with serene Horizon of Krabi ocean in garden surrounding. Bask in the beauty of spectacular sunsets, while a refreshing sea breeze envelops you on your balcony.


Discover the refined simplicity of our three-bedroom suite, where sustainable luxury and minimalist design merge seamlessly. Each room, designed for privacy and connection, features its own ensuite and extends into a generous living space and a balcony that provides immediate access to the serene wellness pool. The grandeur of Dragon Crest Mountain unfolds outside your windows, offering a breathtaking scene that beckons relaxation amidst nature’s embrace. Each moment is infused with the freshness of the outdoors, from the stunning vistas of sunsets to the gentle touch of a sea breeze, ensuring a haven of peace where relaxation is infinite.


Discover our unique 180 sqm one-bedroom suite, featuring eco-conscious luxury and minimalist décor. With Bio-Circular-Green materials like petrified wood and recycled resin, enjoy a serene escape at the hotel’s highest point. Relax in the private 12m hydro jet pool and herbal steam room overlooking Phang Nga and Krabi islands. 

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