Sustainable by design In harmony with nature

Centred in eco-conscious design, Varana Hotel is a haven for the sustainably-minded traveller. Experience a sanctuary of thoughtful, green innovation without compromising comfort or luxury. The culmination of nine years of planning, we have curated a wellness destination steeped in environmental harmony and ethical choices.

our pillars

Here at Varana Hotel, we are sincere in our dedication to being stewards of the natural world. Our commitment to caring for the environment runs more than skin deep. Born of a desire for intentional environmental responsibility, we follow Thailand’s Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model. At Varana Hotel, we aim to use as few resources as possible, opting instead to reuse and repurpose the resources we already have.

With technology and innovative thinking, it is our responsibility to go beyond reducing our environmental impact. We believe in positively giving back to the natural world around us. At Varana Hotel, true wellness lies not only in the sustenance of our bodies and minds, but also in our custodianship of the environment.

Groundwater banking

Essential for ecological health, underground water reservoirs are nature’s answer to keeping hydrated and cooled. Varana Hotel’s innovative Groundwater Banking system keeps you fresh and cool, while sustaining our green, vibrant gardens.

Mimicking natural aquifers, we use water pumps made from recycled materials and locally grown renewable bamboo, to retain and store water through our landscaped grounds. Our Groundwater Banking system operates without electricity, saves water, and reduces ground temperatures. Think of it as a zero emission, outdoor air conditioner.

Intelligent design. Inspired by nature.


Sustainable Choices

Sustainability which is more than skin deep.

Sleep peacefully in rooms featuring recycled, reclaimed and repurposed elements of the highest quality. Commissioned from local artisans, each detail in Varana Hotel has been crafted with purpose and beauty to minimise waste. Regenerated and reborn, they have been given a new life.

Uncover the hidden backstories behind each of our sustainable features. You’d never know our soft rugs and plush couches were once plastic bottles, canvas sacks, and discarded fabric destined for landfill. Step into our Faa Spa and feel the naturally cooling terracotta tiles beneath your feet, handwrought from salvaged ceramic clays. Cleansed and refined, marvel at the glow up a second chance at life can reveal.

Energy efficiency

No wasted energy.

Explore the grounds and surrounds in one of Varana Hotel’s EV tuk-tuks. An energy efficient upgrade on a Thai icon, our fleet of EV vehicles are ready to take you where you want to go. Rest your feet and hop on board for a ride. Our green tuk-tuks are ready and waiting to transport you to your room, or further afield on an adventure to the beach, to the Dragon Crest Mountain trailhead, or to our sister hotel The Tubkaak Boutique Resort.

Conservation of energy is woven into all we do. Designed with electricity conservation as our guiding principle, each of our rooms features passive energy retention, and energy efficient appliances.

The Power of Plants

Nature does it best.

Wander through the lush, tropical gardens, watered and cooled by our network of groundwater banks. Breathe in the soothing scents of our healing native plants, grown onsite. Experience their restorative properties in Varana Hotel’s Faa Spa, Hydrotherapy, and Onsen, where aromatic oils, steams and compresses yield the community knowledge of Krabi’s medicinal plant life.

Heal your body, mind and soul with the power of plants.

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